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Having homecare has meant that I am able to stay in my own home and be content that Provincial Home Care will provide me with someone reliable to come to my house each morning to help me start my day, and in the evening to help me finsh my day. The staff at Provincial are wonderful and always eager to help me with anything i need. They are like my family.
M. Butler
I am a client with Provincial homecare in Botwood. My home care with them is topnotch; my workers are really good to me and treat me like I am part of their family. I also really enjoy the many visits from the office staff, the are very kind and loving to me and are always there to help with any questions or concern I have.
C. Chaytor
I love that Provincial Home Care provides a meet & greet when I am getting a new worker because it makes the change that much easier and not as stressful. They also take into consideration my needs and preferences and make an effort to ensure the right workers are placed with me.
C. Butler
I am a client of Provincial. The workers are very helpful and compassionate and take pride in their job!! They do what they can to make me feel safe and secure and I appreciate that more then you know. They office staff make regular visits to come sit with me even if its just for a few minute drop in. They are absolutely the best!!
A. Bridger
Provincial Home Care has proved to be more dependable than any other agency we have ever dealt with.
M. Burke / V.Lynch
The peace of mind Provincial Home Care Agency has provided is worth every penny.
E. Bursey / A.Petten
Mrs. Austin and her family are very thankful to the Provincial Home Care team and devoted staff for providing compassionate and dependable caregivers at all times, and often on short notice.
L. Rumney / M. Austin
The work is hard work but Provincial helps soften the load.


I really enjoy helping elderly people with their daily tasks to make their lives, in their own homes, easier. Provincial Home Care gives me a chance to do this. I have been working through them for 4 years and have always found the office staff very easy to deal with. They go out of their way to make me feel appreciated and are always accommodating when I need time off or have any concerns.
I have worked with Provincial Home Care for 3 years and its the best move I’ve ever made. I enjoy helping people and I find it very rewarding for the client to stay in their own homes.
I’ve been a home support worker for over 25 years. It’s rewarding when the client is very happy and the family appreciates what you are doing. It becomes more than just a job as you feel like part of the family.
Great company to work with! I love my job. I have had some amazing clients over the years and enjoyed each and every one of them. I have also learnt a lot from my clients.
F. Coates
Office staff are very friendly and I would not work anywhere else. Office staff has always treated me fairly and if I had no hours due to client hospitalization etc, they always make certain I get hours. I have worked with very special clients over the years. I have met wonderful people and have developed bonds that will last a lifetime!
J. Shears
I am a homecare worker with Provincial Homecare and I am very happy to be a part of such a wonderful company for the past 8 years. My clients are beyond pleased with the service that PHC is providing. The office staff are phenomenal and I couldn’t ask for any better! I would recommend PHC to anyone.
T. White
I am a homecare worker with PHC and I have worked here for 11 years. The agency is the best!! The girls at the office are very caring and helpful no matter what the reason. If I were looking for homecare for my loved ones this would be the agency that I would pick, hands down.
M. Bishop


Provincial Homecare has looked after my daughter’s home care needs for several years. Their attentive staff provides caring personal attention and assist with her daily living. They strive to find the workers who best suit her needs and personality. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a homecare agency.
Provincial Home Care is an excellent company! Not only are they there for the client, they are very supportive of caregivers as well. I could not ask for a better agency.
J. Spurrell
(AFC Home Caregiver)​