Does your client have a condition that restricts their diet?

Does your client have difficulty chewing or swallowing? Will you need to puree their food or prepare soft, easy to eat food?

Does the client have any food allergies?

If you are not told of any food allergies by the office, make sure to ask your client or their family members if there are any food allergies or food dislikes.

Does the client need supplements to meet nutrition requirements?

Determine if you client is taking any additional nutritional supplements. Some clients may be taking certain vitamins or they may be drinking nutritional shakes such as Boost to obtain necessary nutritional benefits.

Does the client have a preferred meal?

Ask your client what their favorite foods/dishes are for each meal so that you know they will eat what you prepare.

Depending on your client’s approved daily hours, preparing an extra meal may be very appreciated. Prepare something that can be easily heated in the microwave for later that day.